Labor and Lawyers delay child sex offender register

Shadow attorney-general Mark Dreyfus believes the existing nationwide register available to police and verifying people who work with children were both effective measures.

Braveheart’s Hetty Johnston says “Governments should keep child sex offenders behind bars”.



But monitoring works:

“A third of [GPS] tracked offenders [are] back behind bars”

Since the [GPS tracking] laws came into effect, 10 of the 30 criminals subjected to GPS monitoring have had their order suspended because they have been locked up again, two have moved interstate and another has had their order revoked.

“Intensive monitoring enables alleged breaches to be swiftly reported to the relevant authorities”, said Supreme Court Justice Martin Hinton in his judgement in June 2018.

This year[2018], there have been six convictions for breaching reporting obligations, one for persistent exploitation of a child and another for possessing child exploitation material.

Source: ABC News

It is quite typical of the ALP to WITHHOLD INFORMATION from the community, to treat people like mushrooms and to give the rights of pedophiles a higher priority than children and parents.

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