Mediscare: Left-leaning Liberal livid about Labor lies

2 July, 2016:

“It was election night in 2016. The then-prime minister finally appeared at the Liberal Party’s headquarters after midnight, having watched his government’s majority crumble, and started to throw bombs. ‘The Labor Party ran some of the most systematic, well-funded lies ever peddled in Australia’, Turnbull fumed. ‘The mass ranks of the union movement and all of their millions of dollars, telling vulnerable Australians that Medicare was going to be privatised or sold, frightening people in their beds.

‘Even today, even as voters went to the polls, there were text messages being sent to thousands of people saying that Medicare was about to be privatised by the Liberal Party. And the message, the SMS message said it came from Medicare. An extraordinary act of dishonesty’.

Mr Turnbull called it a ‘shameful episode in Australian political history’.

‘(Labor) boasted about how skilfully they had lied and how effectively they had deceived’.


Everyone knows that Labor lies, so what was he so surprised about?

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