Plibersek visits Turkish mosques during diplomatic crisis.

The deputy leader of the opposition’s Labor Party visited mosques on March 22 which belong to Turkish societies in Sydney. ‘Today I visited mosques in Redfern and Erskineville. I met with leaders and community members, and stood with people of all faiths in support of our Muslim community’, Tanya Plibersek wrote on Twitter. ‘Let’s ensure love and solidarity triumph over hate’.

Together with Australian Turkish Advocacy Alliance Director Hakan Evecek, Plibersek visited the Redfern Mosque- the second oldest Turkish mosque in Sydney, which is operating under Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate, and she met with Ahmet Solak, head of Redfern Islamic Society. Plibersek is also Shadow Minister for Education and Training, as well as Shadow Minister for Women in Australia.

Source: Hurryet Daily News

Isn’t it typical of Plibersek to bumble and stumble into Foreign affairs just 2 days after a major spat which needs to be carefully managed by diplomats?

If the Redfern mosque operates under ‘Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate’, then it is an extension of the same government whose President threatened Australians.

Turkish leader’s threats spark diplomatic row, Scott Morrison calls in Turkish ambassador

20 March – PM Scott Morrison has slammed Turkey’s President and threatened further action for ‘deeply offensive’ comments besmirching Anzacs and threatening violence to Australians and New Zealanders following the Christchurch massacre.

Source: ABC News

Foreign Affairs isn’t exactly Plibersek’s forte…

She called Ariel Sharon a “war criminal”, called Israel a “rogue country” and thought that Africa was a state…

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