Husic: I was profoundly disappointed in Daley’s comments

Mr Husic says regardless of the political party, he will call out the Liberals and his own party if he believes something has been said that undermines the Nations unity.


Source: Daily Telegraph

Funny, we didn’t hear Husic call THIS out:

Labor’s ‘Australians First’ ad a ‘shocker’

Bill Shorten has asked the Labor Party to review the Australians First ad, which takes aim at the Government’s policy on temporary work visas and promises to “Employ Australians First”. It includes a picture of Mr Shorten standing next to a group of mostly white Australians, sparking accusations of racism that picked up steam on social media on Monday.

Source: ABC News

Nor did we hear Husic call out THIS one:

Foley apologises for ‘white flight’ comments

In May 2018, Foley wrote: “I’m saying, what about that middle ring of suburbs that have experienced, if anything, just a slow decline. In terms of employment, in terms of white flight — where many Anglo families have moved out?”

Source: ABC News

Foley didn’t resign over these comments, he eventually resigned over alleged sexual harassment. It seems that racism is less of an issue to the ALP than it is to the voters.

Maybe Husic has forgotten THESE comments by Bill Shorten:

Bill Shorten at workers & UNION RALLY Yelling out about Submarine

In 2013, “Shorten told a rally of AMWU members at the gates of the Australian Submarine Corporation:

‘Under Labor, we will build ships and submarines in Australia because we love this country’.

“Shorten was introduced by Paul Bastian, National Secretary of the AWMU, who told the rally: ‘Today, when I left the airport in Sydney, this headline greeted me:
‘Japanese subs on the way’.
‘Do you feel betrayed?'”

Was he blowing the dogwhistle again?

“An interjector can be heard saying: ‘Last time we had Jap subs, they were in bloody Sydney Harbour'”.

“Shorten went for the cheap applause and amplified the racist rhetoric … ‘This is a government with a short memory’, Shorten said. ‘In the Second World War, 366 merchant ships were sunk off Australia'”.

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