How many lies can Daley tell in one week?

NSW Labor Leader, Michael Daley has been caught lying … again! During the interview on Tuesday, he claimed [that] the SCG Trust had ripped out fire sprinklers in Allianz Stadium ‘under cover of darkness’. The allegation turned out to be false, with Chairman Tony Shepherd insisting there were never any fire sprinklers put in when the stadium was built. But instead of admitting he was wrong, Mr Daley has put his foot in it even further. On ABC Radio, Daley claimed he was talking about the sprinklers that water the grass on the playing surface, not the fire sprinklers.

But Ben Fordham reveals the field sprinklers were never removed either. In fact, they’re still on the surface right now!

‘That is one of the worst cover-ups I’ve ever heard’, says Ben.

‘How many lies can one man tell in one week?’


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