Shorten joins conga line on “dogwhistle” soapbox

Shorten: “Dog-whistling about immigration and asylum seekers needs to stop, and it needs to stop because the crazies, the extremists, they take comfort when there is approval given to go down this slippery path of starting to bag immigration”.

“The slow slide into the sleazy attacks on minorities, the dog-whistle, we know it’s been happening. I’m calling it out”.

Mr Shorten declared Labor would preference the Coalition ahead of One Nation, and called on the government to do likewise.


Comment: Here we go. It used to be that if you bagged Immigration, you were a ‘racist’. Now if you bag Immigration, you’ll be dogwhistling to terrorists.

Last week, @TonyHWindsor started the conga line, accusing @ScottMorrisonMP with:

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