How to vote to drought-proof NSW

Kick out the anti-dam Greens

A CSIRO study has found up to four dams could be built in the Mitchell catchment which flows from Mareeba, about 60km west of Cairns, to the Gulf of Carpentaria which could provide a $5.3 billion boost to the Queensland economy.

Conservative Party spokesman Lyle Shelton said the party would back cost-effective Australian-owned proposals to build dams and better drought-proof the nation. ‘But the only way we will see bulldozers on the ground is to replace Greens in the Senate with Australian Conservatives”

Source: Australian Conservatives

NSW Labor preferences Animal Justice and Shooters [in 2 electorates] in bid to oust Nationals

Comment: The headline is misleading – Labor is preferencing The Greens nearly everywhere else.

If the election produces a hung parliament, the Coalition and Labor will be forced to negotiate with Greens, Shooters or independents to form government.

The Labor Party is directing supporters to allocate their second-preference votes to the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers party in two marginal country seats in the NSW election and the Greens just about everywhere else.

Source: AFR

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