“Bill Shorten’s too boring for comedy”

Schloeffel says he started The Shovel when Tony Abbott came along and ‘demanded satire’. He later took to calling Abbott ‘Prime Minister, 2013-1955’, but hopes Bill Shorten loses the May election on account of him being ‘too boring for comedy’.

Firth pauses … ‘Well, anyway. It was pretty clear most people are sick of the big end of town taking over this city’.

Source: AFR.com

Comment: ‘Big end of town’ is one of Bill Shorten’s favourite phrases.

28 May 2018,

“Bill Shorten’s class-war attack on the big end of town has been blunted, with an overwhelming majority of voters supporting company tax cuts”

The Australian

30 April 2018,

Labor believes that the next federal election will be a referendum on whether or not the Australian people want to give a massive corporate tax cut to the big end of town

Shorten, doorstop

June 26 2018,

Shorten’s Labor was telling workers in the Queensland byelection seat of Longman earning $90,000 – teachers, nurses and tradies – that they belonged to ‘the big end of town’


October 7 2018,

In the Whitlam Auditorium of the Revesby Workers Club – a monument to making money from the working classes – Shorten recalled some advice from his father, ‘You shouldn’t doff your cap to people from the big end of town because quite frankly they are no different from the rest of us’


August 8 2018,

Mr Shorten and his frontbenchers routinely attack Turnbull’s company tax cuts for favouring the ‘big end of town’ and promise to fund health and education instead.

‘People want us to put their needs ahead of that of the big end of town. Labor is the party of everyday Australians. Mr Turnbull’s Liberals are the party of big business’, Mr Shorten said.


Bill Shorten’s constant attacks on big business run the risk of teaching younger generations that successful companies are bad for us.

Source: Couriermail.com.au

Bill Shorten has intensified his attack on business, making clear today he’s happy to antagonise the big end of town in the run to this year’s election.

Source: 7 News Brisbane

Short on confidence and credibility, …

Comment: So now we know the source of inspiration for Firth’s ‘big end of town’.

The ALP is a CONSTANT, VOLUMINOUS source of material and Shorten in particular…