Labor’s war on sport

Labor will force the SCG Trust to repay $644 million loan for stadium upgrade

Sports Minister, Stuart Ayres said that a loan, like Labor is proposing, is ‘almost impossible’ for the SCG Trust to service.

‘This is a $19.5 million annual repayment from a body that has an average operating surplus of $1.5 million’, Mr Ayres said. ‘Labor will bankrupt the SCG or charge people 10 times the price for a day at the cricket or the footy’.

Source: SMH


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Bill Shorten is ‘nuts’: Nats leader says Labor’s emissions will end night sport

Deputy PM, Michael McCormack has pointed out that night-time sport could end under Labor’s proposed climate change targets. McCormack said Labor Leader Bill Shorten was ‘nuts’ and ‘living in fairyland’ for pursuing a 45 per cent reduction in carbon emissions.

‘I mean sure, go down that path, but forget night footy, forget night cricket’.

‘You’ll have pensioners turning off their power because they won’t be able to afford it, and they’ll be shivering all winter and they’ll be melting all summer’.

Source: SMH

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