Bill Shorten will sink a brewery faster than you can say ‘renewables’

“We will have some coal, we’ll have some gas and of course, we will also have a lot more renewable energy”.

Mr Shorten made the comments [about ‘renewable’ energy] as he visited the CUB brewery in Yatala in south east Queensland.

Source: The Courier-Mail


The list of Australian political donations shows that

In 2017-18, CUB Pty Ltd donated a total of $55,899 to the ALP.

Questions are being asked about why the Opposition leader is subtly promoting a particular brand of beer. At least it’s not a Chinese brand.

People are also wondering why CUB sponsors the Labor party when it’s “50% Renewables” policy will sink the entire manufacturing industry.

Carlton Cold-filtered anyone?

Bob Hawke could sink a whole beer in a few seconds. Bill Shorten will sink the whole brewery industry, manufacturing in Australia and maybe the whole economy.

Bill Shorten has consistently refused to provide costings for his “50% Renewables” policy, which will make energy less unreliable and more expensive for manufacturers.


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