Labor will ‘strongarm’ states into decriminalising abortion

Catherine King spokesman: “We’ve never said decriminalisation will be a condition of hospital funding”.

Source: The Guardian

[But] Yesterday, Tanya Plibersek yesterday announced Labor would demand state governments ensure abortion services are available in public hospitals when the next funding deal is negotiated. Labor will use its commonwealth funding contribution to strongarm NSW and South Australia into decriminalising abortion, while also pressuring for the service to be available in more public hospitals across the nation.

Source: CathNews

The vast majority of people in Australia oppose late-term abortion:

The latest poll from Galaxy Research however indicates that open-slather abortion without any legal restrictions, as proposed in the Faruqi Bill, is well and truly at odds with community views. When asked at what stage of pregnancy abortion should be legal, only 5% said that it should be legal right up until birth. 22% said it should not be legal at all, while 15 per cent said it should be legal up to five weeks gestation, and 14 per cent said it should be legal until eight weeks when brainwaves are detected.

The Faruqi Bill proposes that abortion be legal right up until birth.


The NSW parliament voted overwhelmingly against the Faruqi bill. Not even half of the extremist Greens support ‘abortion right up until birth’. Now the Federal ALP plans to ride roughshod over the states and ‘strongarm’ NSW into decriminalising abortion, including late-term abortion.


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