Ryde Labor candidate’s wife ‘intimidated’ by election posters

A photo shows how Mrs Laxale and her daughter were surrounded by placard-waving supporters of Mr Dominello at the event. ‘I’m really hurt and disappointed’, Mrs Laxale said. ‘This was meant to be a special family Korean event and it was hijacked by toxic behaviour from the Liberals’. ‘As a mother, I wouldn’t want any child to experience this kind of behaviour’. ‘I hope that there will be a time in the near future where this kind of hyper-masculine culture is a thing of the past’.

Source: News Local

Comment: Laxale and Laxale can hardly be strangers to political posters …. is the blue intimidating?

The SMH has more:

‘They were shouting and they had this pack mentality that really wasn’t conducive to a family environment’, Mrs Laxale said.

She said her family was being photographed with two young girls when a Liberal party campaign staffer placed a placard in front of the one of the children’s faces.

‘There was a little six-year-old and her sister dressed up in their traditional outfits. One of the Liberal supporters intimidated her, and that’s when I became quite upset’, Mrs Laxale said.

‘He got his Victor Dominello sign, stood very close to her, and stuck the sign in front of the little girl as the photo was about to be taken’.

Comment: Seriously?

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