Shorten plans to spend $6b MORE on refugees and NOTHING on a Future Fund for farmers.

Labor’s plans to almost double Australia’s refugee intake will cost more than $6billion over the next decade. Shorten aims to increase the intake from 17,750 to 27,000 a year in 2025-2026, and with the 5,000 new spots¬†announced at Labor’s 2018 national conference,¬†now expanded to 32,000.


Source: Daily Mail Online

At the same time,

Labor decided to vote against the Drought Future Fund at a time when farmers continue to battle with the effects of the drought and now also with the impact of a major flood.

Littleproud: ‘The $3.9 billion Drought Future Fund, growing to $5 billion, guarantees around $100 million a year into drought proofing communities – including through climate adaptation, building sustainable agriculture, investing in research and development and growing more with less water’.

Cormann: ‘Country people across Australia cannot trust Bill Shorten. His latest weak and short sighted decision to try and block the Future Drought Fund legislation in the Senate is the latest manifestation of that’.

Source: Finance Minister, Cormann

For example:

Country people in Townsville misunderstood when Shorten claimed he was ‘behind’ the cattle industry.

“The PM’s $5 billion future drought fund” – The West

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