Labor senator Kim Carr forced to withdraw Hitler Youth jibe aimed at James Paterson

March 2018, during an Estimates hearing…
Kim Carr, was musing about the impact of the French Revolution when James Paterson, chimed in to ask him about the Russian Revolution — a barbed comment suggesting a socialist bent. Carr then pointed at Senator Paterson as he responded, saying ‘Those in the Hitler Youth [points at Paterson] would understand that only too well’.

CARR: Those in the Hitler Youth [points at Paterson] would understand that only too well.

PATERSON: That’s outrageous Senator Carr, that is seriously offensive. I ask that you withdraw that.

CARR: I was being facetious don’t be silly.

PATERSON: It’s not being facetious. Accusing someone of being a Nazi is a very serious thing, it’s appalling.

CARR: If you took offence, I withdraw it.

Later, outside the hearing, Paterson noted it was not the first time Senator Carr had made a Nazi reference, after last year accusing him of ‘goose-stepping’.

‘It’s extremely demeaning to survivors of the Holocaust and to their descendants, it diminishes their experience’.

Source: ABC

Comment: Note the qualified apology. As if Paterson is NOT offended. We should ALL be offended by socialists who attempt to score cheap political points with Nazi insults which diminish the holocaust.

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