If you think Shorten will ‘fix’ Fuel Security, you’re dumb enough to vote for him

The MUA last year commissioned a report Australia’s Fuel Security – ‘Running on Empty’ which found that Australia relies on the equivalent of almost 60 full-time fuel import tankers to keep supplied with petrol, diesel and jet fuel.

Comment: You don’t have to wonder why the Maritime Union cares about fuel security.

Shorten said a consultation process would be established with industry, oil and gas importers, refineries and with national security experts prior to establishing the reserve.

Source: Maritime-executive.com


Q. Where did Bill Shorten and the MUA get the idea from?

A. From the Department of Energy…

The Department [of Energy] will be consulting with key stakeholders and interested parties on the assessment of Australia’s liquid fuel security, with full public consultation on the broader framework for the National Energy Security Assessment.

Source: Energy.gov.au

Comment: If you think that the MUA has any serious interest in our ‘fuel security’, you’re probably dumb enough to vote for Shorten.

The MUA has been striking since 1890

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