Richard Marles, says it ‘could be a GOOD thing’ if Australia’s coal industry collapsed

Labor frontbencher Richard Marles told Sky News on Wednesday the world market for thermal coal – Australia’s top export industry – had ‘collapsed’. ‘At one level that’s a good thing because what that implies is the world is acting in relation to climate change,’ Mr Marles said.

Mr Marles later ‘clarified’ his position and said he didn’t properly articulate his point.

ABS figures this month showed coal export sales rose nearly 16 per cent in 2018.

Source: Daily Mail Online

Comment: Marles is Labor’s Shadow minister for Defence. If Australia’s enemies sought to damage Australia economically, they would attack our trade. This idiot would be responsible for defence of Australia and trade routes in particular.

Resources Minister Matt Canavan said Mr Marles had revealed Labor’s ‘true colours’ on the coal industry.

‘They want to shut down Australia’s biggest export industry and cost more than 50,000 Australians their jobs’.

‘This is not just about Adani. The Labor Party is now actively saying they want to see Australia’s coal industry shut down’.

‘How can Labor’s shadow Minister for Defence support our national interest when he is a cheerleader against our nation’s biggest export?’

Source: The Australian