Wayne Swan, the end of an error

Swan pre-promoted his valedictory speech as ‘the end of an era’** …

Swan said that ‘…reaching out to the other side is perhaps impossible’ [Ed. See video] and said that Shorten’s ‘leadership’ had given Labor ‘a new lease of political unity’***.

Source: SMH

** A rare moment of honesty?
*** If you thought Gillard & Swan were a disaster, just wait for Shorten/Bowen!

Here is Wayne Swan ‘reaching out’ for a surplus in his 2012-13 Budget speech:

“It has been responsible decisions which return the budget to a surplus of $1.5b in 12-13 and every year after that”.

Click on the chart to see what actually happened to Wayne Swan’s “Four years of surpluses”.

Watch what happens when Wayne Swan is asked to nominate when Labor last had a surplus and mentions the words ‘Tony Abbott’.

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