King claims MyHealth rollout ‘botched’

“Labor’s health spokeswoman Catherine King said her party supported an electronic health record but the rollout had been ‘botched’.

‘The Government’s rushed implementation of an opt-out model created a range of problems and severely undermined public support for a system that could deliver enormous health benefits for all Australians'”.

Source: ABC News

That’s really interesting because this is what happened when Labor was in government:

In November 2011, Dr. David More reported:

More believes that e health policy is being run like a ‘chook raffle’. Dr More sees government policy failing on e health, not only because of policy flaws, but also because these are ‘underlined by an insidious and incestuous AHMAC/DOHA/NEHTA nexus of the same predominantly bureaucratic incompetent incumbents’.

Source: Parliamentary Library

On November 2011, the AusCERT chief warned:

Australia’s eHealth record a security ‘disaster’

Source: itNews

In August 2011:

Roxon’s health records system a ‘massive waste of $467 million’

Source: Crikey

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