BLAH: Bill Shorten talks of Labor’s history with Israel

“And the hard truth is that 70 years after Israel’s recognition: peace and security still elude the region. All of us in this place, support the right of the people of Israel to live safely within secure borders. And as a true friend of Israel, my party strongly supports a two-state solution”.

Labor’s former foreign minister, Bob Carr didn’t support a 2-state solution. In fact, Carr supported the ‘right of return’ of 700,000 so-called ‘Palestinians’, a hodge-podge of Iraqis, Syrians, Jordanians and other ‘refugees’. Bob Carr knew very well that ‘right of return’ amounts to the ‘end of Israel’.

Shorten continues:

“We expect the Palestinian leadership to recognise Israel’s legitimate right to security. And at the same time, we recognise the people of Palestine’s legitimate aspirations for a state of their own. This will take leadership from both sides”.

Shorten has watered-down the key point:
The essence of Camp David was not just “legitimate right to security” but

 “Acknowledgement of Israel’s right to existence and sovereignty — AND its right to exist in peace” – Source: Carter Centre).

Shorten continues:

Modern Israel came about, in part, because of the success of negotiation. Because nations found the capacity to sit at the table, find common ground, reach agreement. We need to hold onto that hope and that determination.

But didn’t he just say that
“70 years after Israel’s recognition: peace and security still elude the region”.

The negotiation was hardly a success because the Palestinians have never modified their constitution to acknowledge the right of Israel to exist in peace as a sovereign nation. In fact, their constitution still calls for the destruction of Israel.

Federal Labor MP Michael Danby attempted to distance himself from the

Corbyn clique’s failure to suppress more than 600 known examples of anti–Semitism, [saying, Australian] Labor, ‘is in a better place’ and ‘Leader, Bill Shorten, just delivered this fine speech, on the 70th anniversary of Australia’s diplomatic relations with Israel’.


Source: J-Wire

Shorten is glossing over Labor’s hypocrisy:

Andrew Bolt writes:

In 2012, Carr led MPs in a successful revolt against then prime minister Julia Gillard when she wanted Australia to abstain from a vote to give Palestine observer status at the United Nations. As The Australian revealed: ‘Cabinet ministers began to complain there was no real explanation for the position, arguing … many Labor seats were affected by Middle Eastern populations’.

Is that Labor now? Selling out a democratic ally for ethnic votes?

It was reported by The Australian that:

‘Demographically challenged’ Water Minister, Tony Burke, insisted on not rejecting the Palestinian resolution.

Bolt also reported how Carr had published private text messages between himself and Gillard without permission from the PM.

Source: The Bolt Report

Australian Labor says one thing to the Jewish community and quite another in Western Sydney where Tony Bourke and Jason Clare are ‘demographically challenged’. Instead of adopting a principled policy consistent with International law, they will say whatever gets the votes from whichever audience they are talking to.

In December, Shorten described Morrison’s recognition of Jerusalem as a ‘backdown’, saying:

‘What I’m worried is that Mr Morrison put his political interest ahead of our national interest’ [but only because of a] ‘backlash from Indonesia and Malaysia, threatening a free trade deal’

Source: SBS, 9 News

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Will Bill Shorten commit to recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital?
Will Bill Shorten assert Israel’s sovereign right to exist in peace?
Will Bill Shorten reject Malaysian and Indonesian interference in Australia-Israel foreign policy?

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