NSW Labor ‘plans’ to create state-owned renewable energy company

Mr Daley said Labor aimed to commission 4 gigawatts of renewable energy in its first term of government.

Labor energy spokesman, Adam Searle said “Labor’s ‘Clean Energy Plan’ will turbocharge the energy market in NSW. It will lead to cleaner and more secure energy and ultimately deliver lower prices for households”. Searle said the increased levels of ‘renewable’ energy – which would replace coal-fired power – could potentially slash the state’s carbon emissions by about 12 per cent, or 5 million tonnes by 2030″.

Source: SMH


  • What does Searle mean by ‘more secure energy’? Wind and Solar are subject to time-of-day and weather.┬áSo-called ‘renewable’ energy cannot replace coal-fired power without storage. Do they ‘plan’ to build dams? Purchase Tesla batteries? Rely on prayers?
  • When Labor speaks about a ‘plan’, as in ‘Clean Energy Plan’, they really mean an aspiration. A plan is a detailed proposal for achieving something. NSW Labor wasted $2b talking about a Light rail ‘plan’
  • Searle’s 12% contributes an unmeasurable (unverifiable) reduction to ‘the environment’.

The Chief Scientist has admitted that the effect on the Climate of eliminating ALL of Australia’s ‘carbon’ emissions is ‘virtually nothing’, and if NSW generates (say) 1/3 of the fossil-fuel sourced power in Australia and Daley claims he will reduce ‘carbon’ emissions by 12%, then the effect of his ‘plan’ will be 4% of ‘virtually nothing’.

Australia’s contribution to global emissions is 1.3%

Lomborg calculated that if all of the Paris signatories met their commitments by 2030 then the effect on global temperature will be 0.05 deg C. Considering that the US (40%) is exiting the Paris agreement, the effect on global temperature falls to 0.03 deg C.

Thus the effect of Daley’s plan will be a reduction in global temperatures of 12% x 1/3 x 1.3% x 0.03 deg C, or 0.000015 deg C. Which is unmeasurable.


When Daley was chosen as leader, following the fall of Foley, his deputy, Penny Sharpe remarked:

Sharpe said: “We have to save our environment”, naming climate change and land-clearing issues as key priorities.

Source: SMH

Comment: If these idiots are elected, candles will be the priority.

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