Shorten’s BS a ‘carbon copy’ of Corbyn’s ‘left behind’

“Finance Minister Mathias Cormann has accused Bill Shorten[1] of plagiarising the ‘socialist, populist playbook’ of Jeremy Corbyn[2], arguing his ‘anti-business’ agenda would see Australia go backwards. Senator Cormann yesterday attacked the Opposition Leader’s ‘left-behind society’ speech, arguing he had adopted the same themes used by Mr Corbyn in the lead-up to last year’s British election.

Source: The Australian

[1] Shorten’s ‘left behinds’ really got ahead – The Australian

[2] “Jeremy Corbyn offered a clear pitch to ‘left behind’, traditional working-class voters” – The Conversation

Senator Cormann said Mr Shorten was taking advantage of a portion of the public that had ‘forgotten the historical failures of socialism’. ‘It is all about him and not about what is good for working families around Australia’, Senator Cormann said.

‘If Bill Shorten was able to implement in government what he has pushed around so far, our economy would be weaker, there would be less investment, fewer jobs and lower wages’.

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