Shorten’s 90:10 Rule, is the tax take ‘fair’?

Not according to Shorten’s rule…

According to Bill Shorten: “Real leadership means understanding the minimum and the maximum that people will accept. You aim for the maximum, yet always understand the minimum. In every negotiation I have been involved in, I refer to the 90:10 rule”

and he says:

“Australian society is at its best when it is ruled by the laws of meritocracy and we work together for the common good”

Source: The West Australian

To understand Shorten’s ‘laws of meritocracy’ you only have to look at who pays income tax, which he calls ‘unfair’:

The Left typically tries to create the impression the ‘rich’ aren’t paying their ‘fair share’. Consider former treasurer Wayne Swan’s attacks on ‘mining billionaires’.

But the overwhelming bulk of people in Australia pay NO NET TAX AT ALL. High-income earners have become a giant pinata that the majority hit for extra money to pay for whatever new social spending programs the political class proposes to stay in office.

Source: The Australian

Conclusion: Since 10% of Australians pay ‘only’ 52% of the tax, by Shorten’s 90:10 rule, that must be ‘unfair’. By Shorten’s 90:10 rule, “Real leadership means understanding the maximum that people will accept. It follows that the 10% who already pay 52% of the tax are being ‘unfairly’ treated, they ‘should’ pay 90% of the tax.

Let’s be clear, if you earn over $102,000 per annum Shorten’s rule will double your tax and you will have no choice but to accept it because it is ‘Shorten’s Rule’. That’s what he calls ‘fair’.

Chart source: The Conversation: “FactCheck: is 50% of all income tax in Australia paid by 10% of the working population?”

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