Shorten, the “man of steal”

This week, the SMH reported that:

“Mr Shorten has vowed to ‘turn back boats where it’s safe’, and maintain what he calls a ‘ring of steel’ around Australia.

Mr Shorten said, ‘Let me make it very clear to people smugglers … any government I lead will deploy the full force of the ring of steel of the Australian defence forces and our border forces'”.

On Monday 14 November 2016, the ABC reported that:

‘Ring of steel’ to encircle Australia

PM Turnbull announced… the biggest ever peacetime maritime operation in Australia’s northern waters … a ‘ring of steel’ to repel people smuggling operations. The ramp-up is to curb any potential restart of the trade in asylum seekers that may occur in the wake of the Government’s blockbuster refugee deal with America.

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  1. Wake up Australia! Time to vote out as many of the Alp as possible. Pauline Hanson who it seems is hated by all the media and most of the pollies is the only one taht is doing anything to try and stop the influx of people to this country that hate us and will never assimilate. Just wake Up we have to doing something radical. get rid of the tired old Communist lead ALP/Greens and the ineffective Liberal Party. The three partys have not done one thing to assist Australia. Time to drain the swamp.

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