Riding by example to help city cancer fight

Cr Daniel Moloney and Cr Jim Rinaldi said the mass participation was a great way to promote healthy living, a good cause and show why the city was Australia’s home of cycling.

The Ballarat Cycle Classic is the major fundraiser for Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute.

Cr Moloney said Ballarat was a great, safe place to ride and found most motorists were generally courteous in sharing the road, particularly compared to riding in metropolitan location. The City of Ballarat aims to create new bike paths each year to encourage more people to get riding.

Comment: This is a great effort, particularly since regular exercise is a central component of the ‘preventive’ component of health which was recommended by the Productivity Commission to control health costs and prevent over-servicing.

Ballarat MP Catherine King WALKED the Ballarat Cycle Classic last year.

Comment: Isn’t it symbolic that King last year walked in a cycle event & and this year didn’t even take part?

Source: The Courier

Comment: King has ignored the recommendations of the Independent and non-partisan Productivity Commission – and their recommendations to focus on technology, reducing over-servicing and preventive measures (like cycling). If Labor is elected, King will create a new bureaucracy called the ‘Health Reform Commission’ and increase ‘resources’, a code-word for people. This neatly sidesteps the inconvenient recommendation of the PC to reduce over-servicing because it logically leads to Medicare co-payments.

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