Labor MP blames ‘meat-eating men’ for climate change

Hands up, who voted for this idiot?

Labor member for Maylands in Perth, Lisa Baker, told the State Parliament her Government should promote reduced meat consumption. She went onto state [that] meat-eating men tend to produce more greenhouse gas emissions than vegan women.

Gary, an Angus cattle breeder, said Ms Baker needs to get a ‘grip on reality’. ‘People with these views are away with the fairies — they are green communists’.

Trevor Whittington, the WA Farmers CEO, says Baker’s views were an example of ‘inner-city, green elitism gone mad’.

‘We will watch with interest to see if she (Baker) manages to convince her colleagues to take her views to the next election’.

[Ed. I wouldn’t bet on it!]

David Littleproud, Federal Agriculture Minister said Baker’s comments were ‘laughable’.

A spokesperson for Ms Baker told Daily Mail Australia the State MP stands by her comments and clarified she wasn’t a vegan.

Comment: Evidently!

Source: Daily Mail Online

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  1. She looks like she ate a man oh my gosh what a meathead she is

    She looks like she ate a man, oh my gosh what a Meathead she is who voted her in ????

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