Medifair: ‘Labor simply cannot be trusted on health funding’

On Feb 12, the SMH reported:

“Bill Shorten was gearing up for an election campaign fought on health, seeking to position Labor as ‘the party of Medicare’“.

“King [also] said the federal government’s Medicare indexation freeze, … was ‘a GP co-payment by stealth’ and that the Liberals ‘simply cannot be trusted on health funding'”.

In King’s speech to the National Press Club on 13 February, she said:

When the federal Liberals imposed a six-year Medicare freeze, they knew they’d make GP visits less affordable and drive thousands more Australians into public hospital emergency departments.

But yesterday, RACGP President, Dr Harry Nespolon pointed out that it was Labor that implemented the freeze:

“Let’s remember [the ALP] introduced the indexation freeze which has caused so much damage – so, if they are the party of Medicare, they’ve certainly got a terrible record”.

Source: RACGP

Labor froze rebates in 2013.

Source: SMH

Comment: Neither Labor nor the RACGP have a solution for over-servicing.

In her speech on Wednesday, King said:

“I make absolutely no apologies whatsoever for belling the cat on that issue”

The Cat has been well & truly belled and it is Cat King!

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