Doctors voice support for Phelps bill: ‘Lives are at stake – the politicking must stop’

Dr Paul Bauert, AMA:

The longer these people are there, the worse they are getting. We know that the main, the main reason for the impairment of mental health, as Viktor Frankl, the psychiatrist from Auschwitz described very well in his book, Man’s search for meaning, the main problem these people have is the lack of meaning, the lack of any end to what is going on. A lack of certainty.

Source: The Guardian

Comment: Nauru is not a concentration camp. Nauru has no gas chambers. In fact, the ‘asylum seekers’ a free to return to their origin at any time. They are also free to apply for asylum via the proper process.

Dr. Bauert should know that trivialising the holocaust is poor practice because younger observers who have no knowledge of the DEGREE of horror of the holocaust will assume it was equivalent to the conditions on Nauru. That means in future, that another holocaust will be more likely.

Dr. Bauert also says:

We know that 24 of them are in a hospital facility at the moment, with two of them comatose. And the fact that 4,500 thousand doctors have spent their weekend signing a letter and sending it in, shows the frustration of the medical profession with the politicking that has been going on with this issue for far too long.

Lives are at stake. The politicking must stop

Comment: It is Dr. Bauert who is doing the politicking. The 4,500 Doctors who signed the letter have been INFLUENCED BY POLITICKING from NGOs like Getup! and the Greens. Where were these doctors when Labor locked up over 2,000 kids and Labor policies caused the drowning of 1200 people?

Daily Telegraph 8-2-19

How many of the doctors who signed will take a trip to Nauru and observe first hand the facilities available there?

How many of the 4,500 doctors will travel as far west as Fairfield?

The facilities at Nauru are better than many country towns. Why are these doctors not putting Australians first?

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