Bowen now says Labor will force “fixed-rate broker commissions”

The Royal Commission recommended the banning of all forms of broker commissions to make way for the shift to a user-pays model [but] would only benefit big banks and destroy competition. Initially, Labor pledged to follow ALL the recommendations [but is now] proposing a flat commission rate of 1.1% of the property loan instead of […]

Plibersek wants Radio and TV ads banned & will make MPs pay back expenditure

Special Minister of State Alex Hawke confirmed he has overturned regulations that prohibit MPs using their $137,000-a-year, taxpayer-funded office budgets for television and radio ads – which takes effect immediately, in time for the election. Under current arrangements, MPs and senators can spend their ‘office budget’ on flyers and printed ads, websites, office stationery and […]

Fair go for ‘Refugees’

According to Shadow Environment minister Tony Burke, Labor will only support the transfer of sick refugees in offshore detention to Christmas Island if they can access ‘appropriate’ medical care there. Deputy Opposition Leader Tanya Plibersek said: ‘I frankly can’t understand – and it really is up to the Government to explain – why if a person […]

Bob Katter to run CFMEU candidates in marginal Queensland coal seats

Bob Katter has recruited two union members to run against Labor at the federal election, seizing on a rupture over the Adani coal mine that has left Bill Shorten exposed in the key battleground state. Mr Katter, is a paid member of the CFMEU. Katter said he was in discussions with the union’s leadership over […]

Labor’s Plibersek distances herself from threatening MUA cartoon

Labor deputy leader Tanya Plibersek distanced herself from imagery circulated by the militant MUA that shows ‘scab’ workers threatened with a gun. Plibersek, who was THE STAR DRAWCARD for a major conference of the merged MUA and the CFMEU, said she could never condone violence or the threat of violence. In the latest edition of […]

Plibersek rejects ‘confected’ free speech crisis

Tanya Plibersek has rejected concerns about a free speech crisis at Australian universities Source: SMH   The riot squad was called to the Sydney University after Bettina Arndt faced a storm of protesters. Arndt was invited to speak at the university on what she says is the myth of a rape crisis on campuses. Source: […]

Two-faces Shorten says Adani has to pass the ‘economic test’

In the past, Labor leader Bill Shorten has said he is ‘sceptical’ the $16.5 billion dollar coalmine is viable but will support if it is economically feasible and will not harm the environment. Activists groups including GetUp have threatened to campaign against Labor at the federal election if the Opposition fails to ‘pick a side’ […]