Self-diagnosis – another ALP “plan”

According to ALP Policy, “Medicare Urgent Care Clinics…will make it easier for Australian families to see a doctor or a nurse when they have an urgent, but not life threatening, need for care”.
“Why do we need this?”, they ask:
“Many local emergency departments are under significant pressure. This means it can take hours for people to get the help they need – especially for non-life-threatening conditions like some broken bones, wounds, minor burns, scrapes and other illnesses”.

They’re talking about Queensland, Victoria and WA, Labor-run states where “ambulance ramping” is common. Actually emergency services (life-threatening or not) are a State responsibility.

So Labor’s “plan” is to run “non-life threatening” emergency services out of Canberra.
Q. How do you know whether it’s non-life-threatening?
A. Easy. It’s non-life-threatening if it’s not life-threatening.

Seriously? You decide. You decide whether to drive to a “Medicare Urgent Care Clinic” or to the Emergency. Labor will help you to become a Triage nurse. Dr Google is on standby.

Q. What happens if your leg is broken?
Hmmm. (thinking) …. hmmm … (thinking)… Non-life threatening. Urgent but you can’t drive.

Answer: Of course! Dr Google is available 24×7

“Making it easier to see a doctor”

Q. Should the government “make it easier to see a doctor”?

Well sure, but like most ALP aspirations it is half-baked. The real goal of a Health policy is to:

“Improve community health”

Will “making it easier to see a doctor” result in “improved Community Health”?
Unlikely because it only addresses the symptoms.

The Labor party has forgotten the Age-old wisdom:

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Prevention is achieved through:

  • Diet
  • Daily Exercise
  • Sleep (Job security)
  • Being Positive
  • R&D into Preventive medicine

A economically rational Health manager would analyse the profile of GP visits and the causes of those visits and then reduce the visits through preventive measures. A GP visit is in a sense an “error” in your health and by improving your health would remove the necessity for a GP visit. According to the RACGP[1], people in South-West Sydney saw their GP nearly 8 times a year on average. From the Chart[2], half of all Australians saw a GP 3 times or less. It follows that the other half, saw a GP more than 12 times a year!

And the ALP wants to make it easier?


  1. “Australians are visiting their GP more and more” – RACGP
  2. “Frequent GP attenders and their use of health services in 2012–13” – AIHW
  3. “Making it easier to see a doctor” – ALP

This literally shows the consequence of too much government: Unintended consequences

What is Australia’s next disaster?

In 1908, Dorothea Mackellar wrote My Country:

I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror
The wide brown land for me!

In the last few years, resilient Australians have endured both natural disasters and human ones.

  1. Floods are a natural phenomenon caused by a Climate phenomenon known as ‘La Nina’ but are exacerbated by humans, such as the NSW government which has failed to improve flood control for over a decade.
  2. Fires are again a natural phenomenon, some caused by lightning and exacerbated by El Nino-caused drought but many, many more are started by arsonists and amplified by failure to reduce tinder-dry bush during periods of drought and build fire breaks. Bushfires have been blamed on ‘Climate Change’ (meaning Anthropogenic or Human-caused Climate Change).
  3. The French submarine contract is entirely a man-made disaster.
  4. Power blackouts in South Australia were due to destruction of working power stations, increasing reliance on base-load power from other states and transmission lines. Entirely human-caused.
  5. Windfarms are disastrous for birds and bats, whose tiny eardrums burst when exposed to infra-sound.
  6. Coronavirus (correctly known as SARS-Cov-2), would most likely have remained in bat caves if it hadn’t been collected by researchers from the Wuhan institute and released into the world through lax biosecurity. Excessive controls such as lockdowns, vaccine mandates and banning of known-effective medications have exacerbated the impact of SARS-Cov-2 way beyond what would have occurred had it escaped from the bat caves by itself, which is unlikely.

So whatever disasters are caused by nature, they are exacerbated by human actions – and particularly politicians – usually governed by Cipolla’s 5 Laws of Stupidity:

“With the smile on his lips, as if he were doing the most natural thing in the world, the stupid will appear on the spur of the moment to spoil your plans, destroy your peace, complicate your life and work, make you lose money, time, good humor, productivity, and all this without malice, without remorse and without reason. Stupidly”.

The Laws of Stupidity probably funded gain-of-function research at Wuhan, turned off-the-shelf undetectable nuclear subs into noisy diesel subs costing more and taking a decade longer, blew up the Playford power station, bowed to Greens and failed to clear firebreaks and allowed people to build on flood plains in Lismore…


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We’d rather eat Wuhan bats…

…than be affiliated with the ALP! was registered and founded in January 2019, when ALP Politicians blocked the author from asking legitimate questions on their Facebook posts about ALP Policy, like “Can you provide costing for your 50% ‘Renewables’ policy?”.

  1. Politicians should not block voters from posing legitimate questions about their policies.
  2. Facebook should not allow Politicians to block legitimate questions from voters.
  3. Facebook currently permits the ABC to block ALL comments. This is also completely unacceptable.

Nowhere man

He’s a real nowhere man
Sitting in his nofair land
Making all his nofair plans for nobody

Doesn’t have a point of view
Nowhere’s where he’s going to
Isn’t he not like you and me?

Nowhere Man, don’t listen
Nothing is what you’re missing
Nowhere Man, noworld is at your command…la la la la la

He’s as blind as he can be
Cares no-thing about liber-ty
Nowhere Man can we free of you at all?

Nowhere Man, no worries
Take our time, take our money
Spend it all till nothing is left in the la-a-a-and la la la la

Doesn’t have a point of view
Nowhere Man, don’t listen
We don’t know what we’re missin’
Nowhere Man, the land is at your command, la la la la la

Apologies to John Lennon
John Lennon once had trouble with writing a song for the Yellow Submarine album. He tried and tried but nothing came up. He later explained, “I thought of myself sitting there, doing nothing and getting nowhere.”

Our success is Labor’s ‘poison’

March 5, 2012 – Wayne Swan, the ALP Treasurer, launches an attack on Australia’s most successful mining entrepreneurs…

Last week, Wayne Swan “intensified his campaign against some of the biggest names in Australian mining” calling for “a pitched battle against the influence of vested interests”.

Today, Swan “criticised the big three: Andrew Forrest, Clive Palmer and Gina Rinehart” … and Tony Abbott.

“In the Monthly magazine last week, he opened fire on wealthy business figures, including Clive Palmer, Andrew Forrest and Gina Rinehart, warning ‘the rising power of vested interests’ was a ‘poison’ that endangered Australia’s success”.

Source: Swan launches 2nd assault on mining billionaires

Albanese: Is Dog-whistling in Labor’s DNA?

Look at the photo, entitled ‘Where Anthony Stands’ and identify where he stands, literally.

Where Anthony Stands

Plus ça Change!

5 years ago, Bill Shorten posed for an Ad called ‘Australians First’. Identify in the Ad where Shorten stands:

‘Australians First’

In 2017, “Anthony Albanese criticised an ALP video at the centre of racism accusations, saying it is a ‘shocker’ that should never have been produced”.

Shorten [said that he] asked the Labor Party to review the ‘Australians First’ ad, which … promises to “Employ Australians First”. The ad shows Shorten standing next to a group of ‘mostly’ white Australians.

And Today, Albanese stands amongst a group of exclusively female, ‘mostly white’ women.

The Labor party has shown through it’s ‘Climate’ policies that it is not representative of Australians and not representative of Australian workers, whose jobs are at risk under it’s Climate Change policies.

Albanese and Shorten can’t help themselves – virtue signalling while dog whistling is part of their DNA

Albanese plagiarises lines from a movie

“He is only interested in two things: making Australians afraid of it and telling them who’s to blame for it.”
Anthony Albanese, at the National Press Club, 26 January 2012

”He is interested in two things and two things only: making you afraid of it and telling you who’s to blame for it.”
Andrew Shepard [Michael Douglas] in The American President, 1995

Source: Sydney Morning Herald